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Social Work Supervisor is a national social work resource providing a one-stop source for all state social work license and certification information, social work news, clinical resources, and a national social work supervisor search. You can connect with Social Work Supervision, accurate Social Work License information, free Social Work License Board Updates, Social Work Exam information, and find practical social work tips on such topics as schools of social work, malpractice insurance, how to write notes, and recommended books specific to children, families, couples, and adults. Look for these links in our menu bar and throughout the site. Be sure to check out our weekly blog!


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We have Social Work License Information listed for every US state and we review each state Social Work board for changes every 30 days! Read on for more information or search social work license information for your state.


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Track state social work news by going to your state's social work license information page or social work supervision page and look in the right sidebar. You will see national social work news in the right sidebar area of each page, or click for National Social Work News, or recent news on depression, recent news on anxiety and stress, trauma news, chemical dependency, and debates about the DSM-5.


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If you are a social work supervisor or would like to learn how to become a social work supervisor, sign up with us, explore the benefits to being a supervisor, or check out our information on how to become a social work supervisor. We offer clear information for each state on supervisor requirements.


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Trying to start or build a career in social work can be confusing and there are few resources to help. Our goal is to take the confusing and make it simple! We have summarized license information by state, offer clear news and guides, and have translated complex information into clear, common, and understandable language. We hope this helps you because we know that you came into social work to help others and we want to give you that time.

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