Best LCSW Exam Prep Study Materials


There is no better way to study for the LCSW Social Work exam than to have been in the trenches and had the opportunity to have done sound clinical work with a solid clinical social work supervisor.  Many of the questions on the questions on the clinical test are written in a case format for just this reason, to determine if you as the potential clinical social worker and have the skills to perform it in a therapy room.

If you have completed the required supervision and experience to qualify to take the ASWB clinical exam test, then here are the top clinical exam guides as we see them.  They are broken down by study style, flashcards, text and computer.  It is important to determine what is your best study style and life style to match your study plan with your study materials.


ASWB writes and gives the test.  Who else better to teach the test than the group who writes it to create the study guide to help you prepare for the test.  This is their most current prep guide.


LCSW Clinical Exam Study Guide 2021 and 2022: Social Work ASWB Clinical Secrets Prep, 3 Full-Length Practice Tests, Detailed Answer Explanations: [2nd Edition Book]


If you like using study cards this is the system for you.  Ask your social work friends, often times there are hand me down flash cards form the social worker colleagues who have passed the test and no longer need them… karma and all that stuff.  Ask around.


ASWB Clinical Exam Flashcard Study System: ASWB Test Practice Questions & Review for the Association of Social Work Boards Exam (Cards)


Yes it is controversial. You may love it or you may hate it.  You may feel it oppresses people or you may feel it is necessary -regardless, the content is on the test, read it and know it.  TIP- Don’t get the hardback at $180, get this one which is much less expensive with the same information.


DSM-5: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition