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As social workers, the main question we hear over and over again is, “Where can I find social work supervision?” And more importantly, “Where can I find GOOD social work supervision?”

The answer is here…

To be listed with all social work supervisors must attest that they are board certified in their state of licensure/certification to provide social work supervision and are in current good standing. Additionally, they must sign a statement that they will abide by the TermsEthical Standards, and Privacy Policy of We care about social work supervision because that’s our job.

Yes…we have your back.

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Commonly asked Questions about Social Work Supervision

We get asked questions all the time about social work supervision and that’s why we are here. Below is a list of common social work supervision questions to help you in your search

Is Social Work Supervision Different from State to State?

Each state social work board has its own regulations governing social work supervision. When supervisors sign-up with us they must attest that they are in full compliance with the social work supervision board of their state of licensure and are authorized to offer social work supervision in that state. There is no national social work board, all regulations occur via state social work boards.

What are the Requirements for a Social Worker to Offer Social Work Supervision in My State?

The answer to that question will depend on your state. We have an an area of our site called How to Become a Social Work Supervisor where you can find the requirements for each state. I addition to meeting state social work board regulations all supervisors must have social work malpractice insurance. At social work supervisor all supervisors who sign with us must not only attest that they meet social work supervision requirements for their state of licensure but also that they have appropriate malpractice insurance.

What Should I Look for in A social Work Supervisor?

The first thing to look for is a person that you like talking with. You will be spending a lot of time with your supervisor and liking them matters a lot. For specifics on what we recommend in a supervisor check out our page on Good Social Work Supervision where we offer guidelines and tips for what to expect.

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