Social Work Jobs and Careers

Finding a job in social work or social services has become easier as the internet has expanded but can be overwhelming.  We have created a list of the most focused social work job sites to help you find a social work job that helps you advance your social work career.

Best Social Work and Social Service Job Sites

We reviewed the sites specific to social work jobs and determined that these sites give the best chance for finding a social work job. We have broken them down into public sector social work jobs, federal-government social work  jobs and non profit social work jobs. These sites are in no particular order of rank.

NASW Job Link-The Social Work Employment Line



The New Social Worker on line Jobs

Federal-Government Social Work Job Sites

U.S.A Jobs

Federal Jobs Digest

Non Profit Social Work Job Sites

Nonprofit Career Network

Community Career Center

 Action Without Boarders

Best Universal Job Sites

While these sites are not specific to social work, many do have a searchable field that social work can be entered into. They are also where a large percentage of agencies seeking social work and social service workers go to post their available jobs.

The Monster Board

Career Builder

Job Circle

Career Resource Center

Job Hunt

Career Site

College Grad Job Hunter

Career Mart

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