Best Social Work Books and WorksheetsBest Social Work Books and Worksheets

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With so much therapeutic information available and so little time, how does a therapist decide what to read, what is of value, and what is simply the same old thing stuffed in a 200 pages of fluff?

We at SocialWorkSupervisor have dedicated ourselves to working hard to filter out the bad from the good and then the highly useful from the good.  We have several pages organized into topics about working with various kinds of clients and consumers. Each workbook was chosen after evaluation of the book from the following criteria:


Our Review Criteria for Social Work Books and Worksheets

1) Is it useful?

There is so many great books available that ultimately are a lot of talk and theory. We want resources that help and are hands-on.

2) Can everyone understand it?

This is a big one for us. Lot’s of theories and approaches are great, but if it doesn’t make sense to the person or family sitting across from you then it is worthless to us.

3) Is it hands-on?

We don’t want to offer a book full of fluffed information. We want to offer suggestions of workbooks that really offer you hands-on exercises and things that you can immediately do with your clients. We love step-by-step procedures, and clear explanations.

4) Will it make your workflow easier?

We look for resources that make YOUR work easier. We want to support you and the hard work that you do.


Disclaimer: We do not have a dog in the fight with the resources we choose.  None of our suggested resources were written by our staff and we were not influenced, coerced, bribed, blackmailed, begged, or pleaded into posting any suggestion.

Yea… we’ve got your back.