My name is Heather Moon. I am an LCSW in the state of Idaho.  I am an Idaho native.  I am a mental health therapist and provide counseling and diagnostic screenings to individuals, refugees, families and couples on a variety of mental health issues. I obtained my master’s degree in 2007. I have been doing therapy for the last 4+ years and prior to that I was working in the medical field as a social worker as I worked with dialysis patients or patients with End Stage Renal Disease. I have worked in different areas of social work which has helped me to diversify my knowledge and love to continue learning.  Other areas I have worked in include; behavioral programs with children/adolescents, juvenile corrections/diversion program, suicide prevention, outpatient substance abuse and currently clinical supervision.

Other personal interests and passions include; Jungian psychology, writing, being an entrepreneur, the law of attraction, working out, relationships and family.

I have been doing supervision in different capacities now for a while. I first started doing supervision as a contractor for an agency and a local college about 3 years ago.  More recently I have started doing supervision for MSWs working to get their clinical endorsement.  I am providing supervision for agencies, contracted individuals and individuals going to school as a field instructor/supervisor. I received specific training from Zur Institute last August on being a clinical supervisor for MSWs looking to obtain their clinical endorsement and began building my supervision practice in Sept. 2015.   I am interested in expanding this practice as have found genuine pleasure and interest in this area.

 As a clinical supervisor, I want each therapist to feel valued and heard. I work with each individual I see to create goals to help to match up with each person’s needs and preferred learning style. I take time to regularly check in with my supervisees to see what would enhance their learning experience or what areas they would specifically like to focus on.  I believe in working together to enhance and gain new knowledge.  My focus is on what areas each therapist is working to develop on. I believe in evaluating areas that could be enhanced as well and offer guidance to help grow in professional skill as a new practitioner. I am easy going but like to utilize the time that we have together to maximize your learning experience.

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August 26,2019

  • Tuesday
  • 9:00am - 10:00am
  • heathermoon
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