I currently supervise 2 Veteran’s Affairs social workers on the job.  My supervisorial style is open ended as I let the social worker drive the topics at each session.  The social workers  discuss client cases they are working on and they present them in a vignette style approach.   I employ a cognitive therapy, solution focused, motivational interviewing as well as BAC theory approach, during the weekly sessions.  I find it imperative for supervisee’s to find there own answers to situations because often the know the answer but need reassurance and or someone to bounce ideas off of.  My demeanor is very low key, and attempt to meet each supervisee where he or she is at.   I worked as a case manager, clinician, social worker for Butte County Behavioral Health for approximately 17 years and 11 months.  My experience has involved providing direct case management svs  to the chronically mentally ill, assisting them in securing and maintaining housing, acting in the advocate capacity with community providers.  Have actively assisted several of my clients in accessing SSI.  Helped to complete the paperwork as well as followed through on getting them appropriate legal help so the can win there cases.  I worked in a rural mental health clinic as a clinician upon completion of graduate school, providing counseling, education, and advocacy to a very poor population of clients.  Worked in a community mental health clinic working with homeless mentally ill people.  Assisted them in acquring housing and connecting them to “wrap around” svs, such as seeing a psychiatrist, as well as an Alcohol and Drug counselor depending on there issues.  Currently work at the Chico Ca. VA clinic as a HUD/VASH social worker.  In this role I case manage some 40 veteran’s that were homeless and are now housed along with assisting homeless veterans to secure permanent housing.  I am an active in the trenches social worker working with a high volume of veteran’s weekly.  I went to graduate school at CSU Chico School of Social Work.  I was part of this program’s inaugural 3 year program (2006-09)  Worked full time at my county job while completing my MSW.

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August 26,2019

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