Social Work Exam Study Guides


Recommended Social Work Exam Study Guides

The staff of are licensed social workers and supervisors. We have reviewed and put together a list of recommended social work exam study guides to assist social workers to pass these exams. Many of us have given test prep trainings and are asked to recommend study guides often. Below are study guides we have found to be most helpful. There are four different social work exams and our recommendations are listed under each exam with links for further information and reviews. If you are looking for detailed information about the exams please go to our Social Work Exam information page.


Our Social Work Exam Study Guide Selection Criteria

We compared guides to see which stood out for us in the following areas:

  1. Clearly written content and explanations
  2. Relevant questions that related to the social work exam
  3. Positive user reviews


See the Results!

Find out which social work study guides made the cut.

  1. Best Social Work Bachelors Exam Study Guides
  2. Best Social Work Masters Exam Study Guides
  3. Best Social Work Generalist Exam Study Guides
  4. Best LCSW Exam Study Guides