Practice Tip when Working with Elderly Clients

Rule out urinary tract infection

Practice Tip when Working with Elderly ClientsRule out urinary tract infection


A quick tip and post.  

I was consulting this week with a fellow therapist who does contract work with assisted living centers and I was reminded  of this very important rule out when working in community geriatric care and therapy.

The number one thing to rule out when an elderly person comes in for counseling and is showing signs of confusion, voices, and borderline dementia related symptoms is a UTI (urinary tract infection).

Body does influence mind. Here is a link from the Alzheimer’ Society:




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J. Christopher Hall, LCSW, Ph.D.

J. Christopher Hall, LCSW, Ph.D.

Chris holds a PhD and LCSW specializing in clinical individual and family therapy. He is a researcher, educator, practitioner, and supervisor with over 16 years experience. He has published chapters and articles in peer reviewed scientific journals and is an active scholar on the effectiveness of clinical practice.

August 17, 2014


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