shutterstock_13195075-300x224Best Clinical Guides for Group Work

As social work practitioners and supervisors we have been to countless continuing education workshops, conferences, classes, and on and on.  We have compiled a recommended list of books and resources that we have found works and that our clients/consumers like.


Our selection process for books and workbooks is to test them regarding whether they are:

1) Proven effective and are broad enough to be able to be used with various clinical styles and approaches

2) Written specifically to give concrete help, structure, and guidance with little to no fluff. (Your time is important)

Please follow this link for a detailed explanation of our selection criteria.

We welcome comments and suggestions regarding books you have found helpful and would be happy to review and potentially add them to our list.


Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy, Fifth Edition

So here’s the deal. We are breaking our criteria of clear and easy read with this one. But it’s the most comprehensive group book ever written on the subject.  Alas, Yalom liked his big words. Be warned, it is thick and heavy on the brain but it is filled with gobs of great information on group dynamics. This bible is in its 5th edition (this is the latest) for a reason.

Group Counseling: Strategies and Skills
If your interested in a clear, well organized, easier to read book that Yalom’s thats also comprehensive this is your book.  Touted in reviews it is full of practical information written in a clear no nonsense way and as direct as a complex group therapy book can be.



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