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As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I treat all of my clients with absolute respect, compassion, and appreciation for their interests. I employ several therapeutic approaches, most of which are based on contemplative psychotherapy, CBT, and a solution-focused approach. It is most important to me that clients feel safe and comfortable so that clients can internalize skills, compassion, knowledge, and wisdom to live a fulfilling, meaningful, and happy life free of regrets. Through the use of CBT and positive psychology, we address emotional, social, and spiritual needs. Our approach is supportive, focused and engaging. When appropriate, our style is humorous, direct, and engaging. Sometimes it's not pleasant to ask for assistance, and we work with people in a sensitive way to gain their respect and help them get the most out of their therapy experience. Psychotherapy is most effective when it focuses not just on increasing self-awareness, but also on using that understanding to make positive real-world changes in your life. Individual Supervision Information: Individual supervision is offered as needed and by appointment. The cost for individual supervision is $50/hr for those pursuing LMSW. Please contact Jonathan to discuss options at (301) 244-9126.




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