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Tony Hall

Calling all social workers

We support and encourage growth for all social workers, including those social workers seeking licensure and working independently in private practice.  We do this through the sharing of information, keeping social workers connected to the latest changes in licensure, information and education in the field. We also help connect social workers who need Licensed Clinical Social Work Supervisors together through SocialWorkSupervisor.com


We’re here to help Social Workers succeed in the
field of social work

SocialWorkSupervisor.com was created to solve the need of new social workers to find good social work supervision in their cities and towns in a simple, clear, and searchable way. We offer supervisor profile pages, maps, contact information, step-by-step state social work license requirements, and information on clinical social work and supervision.

As social work practitioners, supervisors, and researchers we have recognized the need to support new social workers since the late 1990’s, as social work supervisees found their way to our doors confused about the social work supervision process or sadly, after poor experiences with their previous supervisors.

We believe that new social workers deserve better than having to ask around by word of mouth to try and find a supervisor, or to wander the internet looking for confusing answers, or going to unbelievably confusing state social work board websites.

We are professional, experienced, and longstanding licensed social workers and even we have at times found ourselves lost in the mire of state social work board websites and regulations. It is simply inexcusable that a field like social work does not offer clear support for its new members.

It is for this reason that we created SocialWorkSupervisor.com to offer free, state-by-state social work license information, answer common and not so common social work questions, and to assist new social workers to be able to search for social work supervisors in their area, read their bios, and to contact social work supervisors easily.

New social workers can also find some solace in the fact that social work supervisors found in our directory have:

  • (a) agreed to our ethical standards of supervision
  • (b) attested that they are in good standing with their state licensure board, and
  • (c) attested that they are eligible to provide supervision in their state of licensure.

It is our great hope that you find some benefits from all of our hard work. As social workers you deserve to be supported by others who are established in the field.

Yes…we have your back.

Our Values

Since 2014 our business has been built on the principles of fairness, integrity, and respect for people.

Our Mission

To make the lives of social workers easier through providing social workers comprehensive licensure, clinical and supportive information and connection to Licensed Social Workers.


Contact Us:  ClinicalReliefinstitute@gmail.com

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